Intermediate PHP

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About Course

PHP is great for developing and running interactive apps and websites. Great social media organisations such as Face Book, WhatsApp to mention a few are the products of the PHP. As a server scripting language, it is needed where security is paramount. The PHP engineers are sought after all over the world. With the skill, you do not have to work for anybody, but can start something for yourself.




If, else if Statements
PHP Switch
PHP Loop
PHP Function
PHP Arrays
PHP Superglobals
PHP Forms
PHP Include/require
PHP Date/Time
PHP File Handling
File Create/Write
File Open/Read

What Will You Learn?

  • Moving on from the PHP for beginners, you have learnt the foundation of the course and building from your skill and experience, you are going to consolidate on what you have learned and progress to new areas.
  • The Intermediate PHP, will bring you closer to what you will experience in real world of work and while going to the interviews.  While the concepts are the same, you will see how operators, switches, arrays and even how multidimensional arrays are used in programming.

Course Content

PHP Constant

  • Lesson 1
  • Lesson 2
  • Lesson 3
  • Lesson 4

PHP Operators

PHP Arithmetic operators

PHP Comparison Operators

PHP Assignment Operators

PHP Incrementing and Decrementing Operators

PHP Logical Operators

PHP Switch Statement

PHP Loop

PHP Function

PHP Arrays

PHP Index Arrays

PHP Associative Arrays

Multidimensional Arrays

PHP Superglobals


Simple Calculator

PHP Form

PHP Include/require

PHP Date/Time

PHP File Handling

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