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About Us

Our Specialisation

We create high-skilled professionals through specialised courses which will not only benefit the learners and students but the economy as a whole. Now, attention is on the exit from the European Union, we will not go back begging skilled workers to come down and work for us, we can train our own and sometimes export them. Again, given the social distancing caused by the pandemic, it has become more imperative that we learn to study and work virtually. More and more opportunities are being created as it is a dynamic world and technology is also ever-changing.

Encourage our learners to seek a career in the lucrative web development and software engineering industry, where their skills will be sought after all over the world. Some people are aware that there are jobs and business opportunities in the industry and, at the same time, skill shortages, but they do not know the severity of shortages of skilled workers or how to reduce the shortages by acquiring the necessary skills and increase in refined man power.


Great Teams And Group Cohesion

Greenwich Busiess School

We know that universities are turning out thousands of graduates every year. We are also aware that some other training operators are operating in the city. One most important thing with us is that we are in the community, unique and will be working with the community. We tailor our offerings according to local needs, working with employers and other stakeholders to identify the best way to work with the people. As a communal project, it is run in line with the peoples’ needs. We train, teach and tutor you in the language you will understand.

The Universities will keep you for many years to learn many subjects before you can graduate, we concentrate on skills acquisition based on market needs and trends. The skills and qualifications which you need will be given in the shortest time possible and allow you the opportunity to start earning income in the nearest time possible. Not only getting them to complete in no time, we provide continuous support until you secure a job or start a business with your newly acquired skills.

Relevant laws are followed to provide an environment fit for purposes, such as providing access for the prams and wheelchairs. In a community setup, provisions are also made for relaxation, where we can relax and have some drinks and perhaps something to eat. It is a community centre, a one-stop centre where people will not only acquire skills and education but have an information centre concerning the environment.

Usually, it takes about three years to graduate from university. We can get a learner to become a full-fledged specialist web developer or software engineer in just sixteen weeks, and ready to work or start his/her own business. It is a lifelong skill.

Our Great Team

We help our learners to develop, achieve and progress. We have their sessions tailored to their specific needs to increase their potentials and maximise achievements in a supportive and enjoyable environment. Most importantly, you will learn a language you can understand and build your confidence and empower yourself. Not only in the language you can understand, but with a team with over 20 years of industry experience and who understand what it takes to inspire and motivate learners.

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