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About Course

Before you start this course, you will need a PC or laptop and an editor. We all know what is a PC and laptop, but may not know what a text editor is. An editor is a tool, a piece of programming software that enables you to write, run, and edit your program. You need them in this course because the course is practical and practice-based. One good thing about programming and software engineering is that most if not all the tools and materials are free, but you need to devote the time, concentration, and determination to succeed as the rewards and benefits are great.

Main Features

As HTML/CSS is an integral part of web development and applications, all browsers and web editors are embedded with the HTML/CSS engine. You can read, write, code, and run on any editor and web browsers such as Firefox, Google, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and the host of them without the need for installing and configuring the any  other engine.

HTML/CSS is as popular as the World Wide Web because it is used in all websites and apps all over the world. The first point of contact of the World Wide Web are HTML and the CSS. They are not very interactive as other programming languages.  They are used to design the look and flair of the website.  The appearance of your website is determined by the HTML and CSS.

It is only very large organisations that engage HTML/CSS engineers all over the world, because you will be required to learn at leat one other programming language with it.  Programmers except backend developers are required to learn HTML/CSS.



Types of CSS
Inline Styles
Embedded Styles
External Style Sheets
Importing External Styles
CSS Selectors
CSS Simple Selectors
Selector lists
Attribute selectors
Pseudo-classes and elements
Universal Selector (*)
CSS Color

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What Will You Learn?

  • We cover some main syllabi to give you more than basic skill and understanding of the subject and explain them in a way not to waste your time to understand. We focus on learning and practical exercises.
  • Those of you that followed our HTML and CSS Courses have covered some of what we are going to learn here. We will guide you to a successful, lucrative, and fruitful career.

Course Content

HTML/CSS Introduction

  • Lesson 1
  • Lesson 2
  • Lesson 3
  • Lesson 4
  • Lesson 5

The document heading tags

HTML Styles

HTML Images

HTML Table

HTML Lists

HTML Forms

HTML5 Doctype

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